August 08, 2011

Ten things this month

I was surfing the Etsy teams when I came across this discussion and found it was such a great idea that I should share it with you. I said,

1. Make three sales this month (I am currently getting none at the moment)
2. Get to 100 followers on my blog
3. Add one new item every day (no renewing!)
4. Finish my business plan
5. Try and get into that local store I've been thinking about
6. Post in teams more
7. Stay more focused
8. Look into artfire as another revenue source
9. Keep my workspace more tidy
10. Make a list like this for next month 

So what are your ten goals for this month? It can be personal, or for your business. I'm really interested in what you have to share with us!

1 comment:

  1. I'm so close to a sales milestone (1000 sales); my only goal is to hit it this month and like they say, a watched pot never boils so my shop has slowed way down...isn't that how it goes? Looks like your goals are tough (clean workspace? ugh) but doable. Good luck!