August 19, 2011

Friday's Faves: Amazing Art

I love art; always have and it's only grown through the years and has grown more so since discovering etsy and seeing all the amazing art work that's on there.

Water Color Feather  6x8 print by lorisworld
Madalina and Mahfi 5x7 print by poppopportraits
Late Fall Limited Edition by matteart
Self Portrait art Print The Wait by michelemaule
Abstract Landscape 3 by siiso
Tree of Life by corid
Nerd Girl by mintparcel
Love Writer Print by dekanimal


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous finds! Water color feathers and Tree of Life are my favorites. Stop by my blog ( and link up to my Etsy Artist Showcase Link-up - this post is perfect!

    Found you through the Etsy Blog Team :)

  2. these are just lovely!

    thanks for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog, I am following you now too :)