August 22, 2011

Open Monday: Photo Madness

Once again, I have quite a few photos to share with you today, some of them are from my beach trip and the others are of a very simple, easy creation of mine.

Look! One of them is purple! PURPLE!!

This is a little blurry, I know.  I took this under the Avila pier, where you can walk down some stairs down to the water underneath. There were plenty more star fish on the other pillars. I had never seen a live star fish before; personally I think they look like strange creatures from another world that crash landed on Earth and are now living in our oceans. Sounds like a science fiction novel, doesn't it?
Sea biscuits? Where's the butter?
I'm very proud of this photo. This was taken in a souvenir shop in Avila beach; it's a close up of a bucket filled with sea biscuits. I thought the soft lighting and texture of these little guys were beautiful.
In black and white
Yeah, this is the same photo only in black and white, I think it makes the lighting even more dramatic, but which is your favorite version?
Sea urchins?
This too was taken in Avila beach, same shop, different bucket.
My Chalkboard
So here is my simple creation I mentioned at the beginning of this post. I'd been wanting a chalkboard, something I can put goals on that will be visible every time I walk into the room to keep me motivated and inspired. Ideally, I wanted to paint one of my sliding closet doors in chalkboard paint but I wasn't sure how my landlord would have taken to that, so, I improvised. I had taken an art class and one of the required tools for the class was an artist's board just like this one:

I covered the parts I didn't want painted with blue painter's tape and then covered it with two coats of chalkboard paint. On the back and on the wall, I attached the command strips that are for picture hanging, so that I didn't have to do any drilling into my chalkboard or wall (lord knows there's enough holes in my walls)
These work great
And voila! My chalk board. I love it, and since I already had the paint and the artist board it didn't cost me anything extra to make. It's perfect for brain storming, keeping to do lists and ideas on it. I also love the clippies because I use them to hold the rag I use to erase with and my design sketches. Some day though, when I have an entire room to use as a studio, I want to paint an entire wall in chalk board paint with magnetic paint underneath, so I can brainstorm to my hearts content.

What do you use for an inspiration board? A chalk board similar to mine? A dry erase board or bulletin board? Or do you have an entire wall (So jealous!)?


  1. Such nice pictures, I love them, the sea stars are so nice but the sea biscuits look so pretty! Your have a lovely blog and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

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