August 31, 2011

New Wednesday: Change Up

Seems like on Wednesday all I discuss are "plans," I'm working on some "plans" for something new and exciting, which I am. But today, we're gonna shake it up a little. But before I get to shakin' you may have noticed some new pages to the blog, be sure to check them out!

I decided to go to pounce on Etsy and see what amazing undiscovered, new, shops I could find. I thought this one was absolutely fantastic. Click on the link below to see other beautiful bags and accessories.



  1. Thank you very much! So nice to see my bag in your blog! Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring me! (Gosh I love that handbag too!) I am such a blog-aholic so I am grabbing a cup of tea and visiting your posts (have already sneaked a peak at some - love the DIY stuff).
    Have a sunny day! First day of Spring here in Sydney - yippeee