August 29, 2011

Open Monday: It's a Brand New Week

I think I would like Econ better if Jack Black were teaching.
Last week was the first week back to school and it went really well, the only class I'm not super duper excited about is probably my Econ class. The class I am most excited about is Intro to Entrepreneurship, we haven't done a whole lot in there yet but I already like my teacher, she's a shoe person, too!

Speaking of shoes, you know what sucks? That I can't wear really cute shoes for the next couple of weeks but the really cute shoes I wore last week put really bad sores on my heels so now I'm stuck wearing tennis shoes and flip flops... Lameness. I am so getting rid of those shoes.

But anyway, hopefully this week will go as smoothly and as easily as last week (and hopefully not too much econ homework).

Has anyone here gone back to school recently? What classes are you taking?


  1. Sorry to hear about your feet! The things we women go through to look cute... :)
    I am back in school, too! Master's in School Counseling, here I come!

  2. I hear ya on the shoes, I have sensitive skin, so sometimes even 10 minutes in bad shoes will ruin my ability to wear anything besides flip-flops for weeks.