September 09, 2011

Friday's Faves: Cultural Anthropology

One of my favorite classes that I am taking this semester is my Cultural Anthropology. It's once a week and is three hours long. I know it sounds boring but my professor just makes it so much fun and I can never wait to go back to class. So, in lieu of my favorite class, today's Friday's Faves is all about culture around the world. Enjoy!

Japanese Igusa Sandal by okacraft
Rocking Italian Scooter by TheatronitalianArt
Set of 3 African Tribal Bangles by QuellyRueDesigns
Two Dozen of French Macarons by CrazyaboutMacarons
Henna Love Wedding Invitations by Beacon Lane
Mexican Embroidered Dress by ParisMom
Irish Linen and Lace Pillow by jillmartindesigns