September 12, 2011

Open Monday: I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend my brother, me and my sweet baby girl Tessa drove up to San Francisco so she could stay with her daddy for the week.

The drive up was surprisingly nice and the way down there was more traffic but it was fine. So, late Saturday we arrived to Tim's, very nice, one bedroom apartment (after walking down a very steep hill to get to the apartment). Then we went to his friends house for dinner. They made us artichoke pie, which was surprisingly good; a tasty salad, and homemade macaroni and cheese that I could have just kept eating, it was so good. Until this weekend I had yet to have homemade mac 'n cheese that was actually edible. Sadly, Tessa did not get to enjoy the good food as she had already had her dinner but she was quick to make friends with their sweet dog, Ugo. I haven't seen Tessa laugh that hard in a while. She immediately stole the hearts of Marc and Carlos, our gracious hosts.

After dinner and dessert, we shook hands and hugged, and praised the food. It was well past Tessa's bedtime and the 5 hour drive had exhausted her, but we succeeded in keeping her awake just a little longer until we got home, otherwise she would have napped in the car and gone to bed even later.

The next morning, after Tessa had been awake for a bit it was time for her nap. I rocked her to sleep as I knew I wouldn't get to do it the rest of the week. Tim placed her in the crib for me and as I stood there watching him place her for her nap, I could feel the tears coming. But I didn't cry long.

Sometime after Tessa woke from her nap, my brother and I packed our things into the car as Tim and Tessa stood at the curb waving goodbye.

I had just left my ten month old heart in San Francisco.

Has anyone here ever had to share custody? What was your experience? How did you handle it?
As to my experience in San Francisco, which was very brief, I enjoyed it very much. I couldn't get over all the beautiful Victorian homes and the weather was a wonderful change from the recent humidity here where I live.

Have you ever been to San Fran? What did you think?

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  1. Oh boy! I have been there 4 times because it's my favorite place to visit. I know exactly what the artist said when he created the words, "I left my heart in San Francisco." It's an amazing and magical place.

    My daughter got married at Yosemite National Park last year. Before driving to Yosemite they met us in San Francisco where we spent the day, then left for Yosemite the next morning.

    I have never had to share custody. I'm sure it would be so hard to do. My kids were over 16 when I got my divorce so it wasn't an issue.

    I'll keep you in my thoughts.