February 17, 2012

Friday's Faves: SPRING!!!

Spring Time Bunting by BerryAlaMode
Where I live, Spring doesn't last very long. Yes, technically Spring is supposed to last from March 20th to June 20th. But here, it only feels like Spring for a month, sometimes longer if we're lucky. So, since Spring is just around the corner today's Friday's Faves is dedicated to flowers, flowy dresses, sun hats and beautiful pastels.
Mr. Brown Rabbit by iammie

Vintage Inspired Tea Dress by Mokkafiveoclock

Madeline Upcycled Vintage Wide Brim Hat by motifcaprice

Tulips 8x8 Fine Art Photography by Jackierueda
Spring Flower 3 Stone Ring by toosis
Spring Daisies by mountainavenbaby
Men's Bow Tie by CCAdesign
Baby Blue Seersucker Tuxedo by sarasweetandsmall

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