February 15, 2012

New Wednesday: Announcement... again

Yesterday, I told y'all that I will be doing my best to blog every day and because of this there will be a new blog schedule.

Monday: New Monday
     Monday's will now be used to discuss all things new; such as new products, changes in the shop or blog and  new shops on Etsy

Tuesday: Paper Tuesday
     On Tuesday's I hope to bring information on the history revolving around paper, paper crafts, and even printing as well as newly (new to me anyway) discovered paper tools. I'll also try to post some DIY paper crafts of my own or ones I've found online.

Wednesday: Stationer Wednesday
     Wednesday will feature a stationery artist from Etsy

Thursday: Coming Soon

Friday: Friday Faves
     I'm keeping Friday as Friday Faves because it seems to be everyone's favorite blog day

Saturday: Recap
     Saturday will have a summary of what's been going on for the week with links to take you back to the original posts

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