April 02, 2012

New Monday: Bog Update

You probably noticed last week that my blog was different. It now matches my logo and style much better and I now have a grab button, so if you have been featured on my blog at some point be sure to "grab" it and post it to your website. I'll also be making some changes and updates to the pages.

My Shop
I'm trying to work on designs since I'm still not well enough to do custom orders and it could be a while. Hopefully I'll have some new and wonderful designs to put up once I'm ready to open the shop back up.

Because of my recent illness (which you can read more about here) wreaking havoc on my most valuable and precious limbs, my hands, I can't do a whole a lot. Taking care of Tessa is doable but challenging, I have to keep my hands covered in the shower, while I'm cooking and other every day activities that we take for granite. So, I've had to drop two of my college courses since writing is difficult and eventually I may not be able to walk for a while. But I'm staying positive and I know this will pass and my hands will be back to being useful in no time.

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