March 31, 2012

Saturday Recap

I told you about the horrible disease that attacks the hands, feet and mouth. If you've read up on this illness you'll know that it's a good reminder to wash your hands and your little ones hands often. I'll probably keep hand sanitizer on me at all times for now on. Click here for more

For Paper Tuesday I told you about one of my most favorite tools, my Fiskars embossing system. It's great for beginners and I use it with almost all of my stationery designs.

On Thursdays, I will be sharing with you my bedcraftroom transformation and this week was the first installment. To see how I organized my drawers and ribbons, take a peek.

Friday's Faves was all about Easter; featuring adorable outfits for your little man or lady in you life, an adorable stuffed bunny and some tastey looking cookies.

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