April 10, 2012

Paper Tuesday: Metallic Card Stock

Just one of the many styles of envelopes Paper and More supplies
As someone who makes and sells stationery, I buy paper in bulk. It's cheaper, which means I won't have to charge my customers as much than if I just bought a pack from Michael's or Hobby Lobby. So my go-to place for when I'm in need of card stock is Paper and More.

So I had this awesome design concept (which, as usual, looked better on paper than in real life) and I needed a dark gray card stock. So I went to my favorite online paper store and the only card stock I could find that was the perfect shade of gray was metallic. Hmmm... I thought. I purchased the sample pack which included the metallic steel gray card stock along with other sample colors (the metallic champagne is gorg-e-ous) that were very lovely (not a huge fan of the gold though, better to be used as an accent for other projects).

I've seen other so-called "metallic" papers that were cheap or was basically just covered in glitter that went everywhere when you tried to do anything with it. These metallics are top-notch and I absolutely love them. I'll probably use every single one of them in one project or another.

But Paper and More doesn't carry just paper, they carry envelopes, vellum paper, they even have recycled card stock and soooo much more. So if your going to be making your own invitations for your wedding, baby shower or anything paper related for that matter, be sure to check out Paper and More before you go anywhere else!


Check out their sale section!

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