April 09, 2012

New Monday: Changes in the Shop

Life recently has been incredibly stressful and hectic here recently, especially with my recent illness. To make things a little easier I will not be offering custom orders anymore, at least for now. Instead, I will be concentrating on other parts of my inventory, such as stationery accessories, greeting cards and ready-to-ship note card sets. Come fall, I will begin offering custom orders again, and will have some new designs for the upcoming seasons.

Right now I'm working on Mother's Day cards, since that's the next holiday coming up, and those who purchase my Mother's Day cards will receive a coupon code for their Father's Day card (Which I also need to get started on). Also, when you buy a Mother's Day card from my shop, you will receive a coupon code for 15% off your Father's Day card purchase.

I'm also trying to sell locally. There's a Facebook page called Porterville Buy and Sell where members of the community post pictures and posts of things they are selling or looking for. The most popular posts are for holidays so I'm hoping to get some extra revenue by putting a few posts on there. If you sell handmade goods, look for community pages on Facebook that are for selling things, I've made a lot of extra cash selling things I no longer wanted or needed, so now I'm going to try my hand at selling my cards.

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