April 05, 2012

Progress In the Craft Room #2

I haven't been able to make any changes to my room yet. So, today, I'd like to share my future plans with you

Check out these DIY shelf organizers. It looks super easy to do and will work perfectly with my narrow shelves that are above my desk.

Find the original post here at Make it and Love it
I'll be adding my own twist however. I'm entertaining the idea of drawer pulls instead of square holes for my boxes. I'm also considering making lids to help keep the dust out. I'm going to use my new Cricut expression to cut out labels from chipboard and paint them with chalk board paint so I don't have to guess what's in what box.

I really want to reorganize the tools I have hanging on the wall. Some of those items will go into the boxes I'll be making since I don't use them that often. Others will go into that top drawer or another nook in my room.

I bought this old piano bench a while back from someone selling it on Facebook for $10. I'm using it store my laptop and cord. I'm going to paint it white and reupholster it. Finding the right fabric for it though as proved challenging.

I'm really excited to see my room transform and I can't wait for my hands to get back to normal so I can get started.

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