April 06, 2012

Friday's Faves: My Favorites List

If you have an account on Etsy you probably have a favorites list of things you really like but can't buy at the moment. Well I have quite a few of those and here is a small sample.
Navy Blue White Heart Necklace by TheWhirlwind
Bridal Wedding Hair Comb by OOAKjewelz

Vintage Seafoam Green Windmills by curateandlove
Wind Catcher Floral Hair Shoe and Hair Clip by RoyalMenagerie 
Negligee by EmmaHighfield
Vintage Inspired Tea Dress by Mokkafiveoclock
Little Sparrow Necklace by laonato
Soft Leather Ballet Flats by thewhiteribbon
Leather Satchel by goldenponies

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