April 12, 2012

Progress In the Craft Room #3

I've been trying to build up my inventory so I haven't been able to do any organizing in my room like I was hoping, if anything it's gotten messy again. But while making Mother's Day cards I realized I didn't have anything to put them in to keep the dust off until they sold. So I went hunting for a photo organizer, but those overly priced shoes boxes they call photo organizer's just wouldn't do. I wanted something longer that I could organize all of my greeting cards according to type. So after hitting up three different stores I finally found the perfect box.

I found this at Office Max and it's perfect. It's a DVD movie organizer that snaps together and is pretty sturdy once it's all together.

1 comment:

  1. i just got a studio, so i am all about finding organizational pieces! good luck with your organizing :)