January 26, 2011

I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!

So last night as I was checking my etsy and I noticed it said I had one conversation. I thought perhaps someone had featured an item of mine. But behold, a request! It said, "Hello, I saw your cards and love what you do, I was wondering, since your cards are custom made would it be possible to order packs of wedding invitations." But guess who it was from?  My best friend! She didn't realize she was talking to her maid of honor!

Just kidding, she totally knew it was me. But wouldn't it have been hilarious if she didn't?

So, I messaged her telling her that I would come up with some templates for the weekend she would be coming home (she's away at college) and go from there.

I didn't fall asleep until probably about one in the morning, I was so excited and in about fifteen minutes I already had two ideas.

I'll be posting my progress on here, twitter and facebook and I'll try to add some pictures to go along. I better get going so I can get started on these invites!

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