January 29, 2011

Looking for that special someone

No, I am not posting this hoping to find the love of my life (You thought, you thought!). No, I am posting this because I really want to interview an etsy seller, specifically someone who meets these requirements:

1. Has to be an etsy seller, doesn't matter what your selling
2. Great products, great photos

I get about 36 page views a day, thats about 1,116 views in a month! You could get a lot of exposure. And don't worry, I don't give nasty reviews, if I have nothing nice to say then I won't say anything at all.

So, if your interested, email me at littlemisscards@hotmail.com. Include your shop name and why you think you should be interviewed.

If you do not get chosen, there will be other opportunities to be reviewed. If you have a blog you can join the etsy team Bloggers Unite! Where other bloggers say nice things about your blog, your store, or a specific item.

I will stop accepting entries on February 28th.

Good luck ya'll!

1 comment:

  1. Hey,
    I would be interested in a review.
    My shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ACupOfSparkle
    My blog: http://acupofsparkle.blogspot.com/