January 25, 2011

Its a Start

Welcome to Little Miss Cards, I'm Elissa!

Little Miss Cards is a blog for my etsy shop; by the same name. The idea for the name came from my beautiful baby girl who I occasionally call Little Miss. I originally wanted to call it Sunshine Cards because of the lullaby I sing to her, but it was already taken.

Before I started selling handmade cards, I use to work at Plano Jerky. I had been working there for three years when I found out I was pregnant. However, for many reasons, my boss couldn't bring me back once my maternity leave was over. So for now, I'm living off of whats left of my savings and the support of others. During my pregnancy, I decided, that if I could help it, I never wanted to work another nine to five job again. I wanted to be able to be available to my daughter at all times, but being a single parent without a financially stable hubby to support me (and in need of a little extra cash) I decided to do what I do best; create (and I don't mean babies, but did make an awfully cute one ;)  ).

But what? I'm fairly good with a pencil... But that takes a load of time and patience. I know how to solder and make jewelry... But you need a lot of money to get the supplies, which was something I didn't have. I could do photography since I was a photography major... But photography just didn't excite me like it use to. What to do...

Christmas, 2010, I bought everyone a small, inexpensive gift. My mother had put it in my head to make cards for everyone to go with their gifts, and to send one to my sister with a photo of my new baby girl, since my sister lived so far away and hadn't (still hasn't) been able to see the baby. So I did. The cards got rave reviews especially from my sister who said, "You could sell these!"

So, I opened up shop in etsy, started a facebook fan page and opened up a twitter account; and now here I am posting my first blog post. I hope that those who discover my blog will enjoy it and become a follower.

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