February 09, 2011

A little talk, a little reminder

New listing today!
More and more I find myself going back to my first love; photography. The more I take photos of my products the more I realize how much that part of the process is my favorite step before listing. I love making my cards, don't get me wrong, but the fun part is seeing them really come to life on my computer when I'm editing the photo's. Occasionally, I edit a single photo more than once; I'll save it, edit it again, save it... Maybe just one more time? Oh ok! Ctrl + s. I remember when I was applying to Brooks Institute of Photography I had to write an essay about why I wanted to be a photographer. I wrote, "Photography is my addiction and that finished product is my high." To this day it still is.

 Just a reminder, I am looking for someone to interview for my blog.

You must:

1. Be an etsy seller

2. Have great photos and great products

If your interested you must email me your etsy store and blog URL to littlemisscards@hotmail.com. Do no leave your information in the comments, it will not be accepted. Thankyou.

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