February 19, 2011

Saturday Summary

The week is over and tomorrow we begin anew. This past week I should think was a very good week, Monday we started out by featuring Sadie Designs and her beautiful, natural jewelry. Tuesday, I discovered a giveaway at the Handmade Success which I am sad to say ended yesterday. Wednesday I read a fantastic, thought provoking article about wasting time and ultimately, wasting life over at the Etsy blog which has inspired, and I hope you as well to make the most of your time. In fact, for my project of the week I have been writing down and keeping track of the moments I've been wasting time (You can see my list at the bottom of this post). And last but not least on Friday's Faves we reviewed some beautiful items of some very talented, undiscovered Etsians* which I hoped you enjoyed viewing as much as I enjoyed discovering them.

*RockyMountainBags, pinktutuphoto, Coocachoo, Bschellenburg, BeautifulMessByEmma, SamMillyVintage

- 3 minutes convincing myself to clean                                   - 10 minutes on FaceBook
- 1 hour on FaceBook                                                              - 1 hr telling myself to go to sleep


  1. It has been such a pleasure getting to read your blog. It's so pretty too! Just stopping by to say hello. I'll be back again soon. Hollychihuahua from SB.