March 16, 2011

How you can help Japan through World Vision

World Vision is a Christian organization that I know and trust.

When I first discovered this organization, I was at a Christian concert with friends. Through out the concert, the band was telling us how we could help feed and clothe a child by "adopting" one through World Vision. During intermission and at the end of the concert. Anyone could go to the back table to view pictures of children they could adopt and help. One picture of a little boy kept standing out to me, Thapelo. He was six years old and had the same birthday as my brother; I looked at all the others but I just kept getting pulled back to him. I had to adopt him.

Every month I would get photos and letters and drawings from Thapelo. He was such a cute little boy. Sadly, money got tight and I couldn't donate anymore. The people at World Vision assured me they would find someone else to adopt him. I still get updates on him.

So, if your looking for a trusted place to donate to the relief for Japan, World Vision is a good spot. It's very simple, you just choose the amount you wish to donate or enter another amount in the little box and click donate now.

I have items in my shop for sale to help with the relief for Japan, all proceeds from those items will be donated through World Vision.

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