April 05, 2011

New stationery sets are coming!

Here's a hint for one of my new designs
Aren't you excited? I am! Since I'm on "vacation" until my resealable glue comes in, I'm going to put my spare time to good use by designing new stationery sets and photographing them for when I can put them on Etsy. At least one of them will be monogrammed, another one will be patterned, and of course, free shipping on orders over $30.

During this time I hope to get more organized. After doing 175 cards and assembling 175 envelopes within a short time, I've learned that I should probably keep some pre-made envelopes and already cut cards on hand for major orders. Which is another thing on my to-do list for the week.

Oh! I just cannot wait to show you all my new little beauties!

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