May 27, 2011

A few of my favorite things: Friday's Faves

This Fridays Faves theme is... Well, literally my faves. Today's post is based on my most treasured items that you can find on Etsy

Coral Desk/vanity
My most favorite thing at the moment is the desk I just refinished. I absolutely adore it. True, this desk from Poppyseedliving looks nothing like mine, but isn't it adorable? I really love the brightness of it and love how it can be a desk and vanity, just add a cute mirror and there you go! $425

Kodak Duaflex Collection- 620 cameras
I love my vintage camera collection, unlike this collection from CraftBangBoom, I only have one of these babies with the original box. Also, just a little decorating tip, vintage cameras make GREAT bookends. $130

Vintage Oshkosh Striped Suitcase
Sadly, I couldn't find a vintage suitcase that matched the one I have that I bought from an antique store a couple of years back to store my craft stuff. But this one is really cool and I wouldn't mind having it to use as a keepsake box for Tessa's things. You can find this at BrightWallVintage for $56

Vintage Wooden Pie Picnic Basket
There's just something about picnic baskets that make me all warm and cozy inside. Perhaps its the representation of simpler times and pleasures? Perhaps. The basket I originally bought for a dollar at a yard sale for my bike is bigger and different than this one from RustBeltThreads, but this is exactly what I envision when I think "picnic basket," filled with fried chicken and home baked bread with some chocolate chip cookies... mmm... $30

Vintage 1958 Cruiser Bicycle
Speaking of bicycles, look at this beauty! My bike isn't as old or as beautiful as this one but I do adore it! You can find this at sickandthrifted for $400

Vintage Painted Cottage Chic Shabby White Pine Trunk
I had spent about a year searching for the perfect chest at the perfect price at antique stores to keep treasures in for when I enter into my own home. But nothing stood out. During that year my uncle who had been ill came to stay with us until his last day on this Earth. But he did have good days and on those day's he worked on building a chest for me, which I hope to pass on to my daughter some day. This one is different from the one my Uncle hand crafted just for me but it is lovely. $225 at paintedcottages.

Fine Art Photograph Jug of Tulips
Ahhh...Tulips. My favorite flower. They're so sweet and elegant in their simple design and beautiful colors. They are the epitome of Spring, don't you think? You can find this print at JudyStalus for $17

Vintage 70's Floral Platform Wedge
Nothing makes me feel more hot than a pair of fabulous wedges. By the way, I wouldn't be showing these to you if they were my size, I'd be hoarding them all to myself. But, if you can fit into these you can find them at BLEUOWL for $19.99

Joyful Summer Fedora Hat
Okay, so maybe there is something else that makes me feel hotter than wearing a pair of wedges, and that's wearing a pair of wedges with an equally cute fedora. You can buy this beauty at dantiehandmade for $38

Vintage Itallian Design Sunglasses
Since we're on the subject of accessories, my #1 must have year round is sunglasses, my dream is to have a giant collection of wedges, fedoras and sunglasses, yep.  If you dream of a large sunglass collection why not start it with these from LuciaMaeVintage for $14


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my tulips.
    Judy Stalus

  2. I love your finds. Beautiful!

  3. Awww thank you so much Elissa for posting my wedges. Fabulous blog by the way! Cheers.

  4. Love your picks. Those cameras are great.

  5. Thank you so much for including my sunglasses in your wonderful blog. What a great collection of items!