May 28, 2011

Special Saturday Post: Craft Show #1

Isn't this inviting?
Craft Fairs and shows can be expensive, especially if there aren't any in your area to participate in. There's hotel fee's, booth fee's, gas expenses and food. I would love to participate in one myself but things are so hard these days. So if your like me, currently unemployed and having to depend on others for financial support and just can't afford something like that, then try hosting your own Craft Show.

For a while, my Mom and our cousin were very much into crafting. Before Christmas, they had their own craft show at another family members house. I recall my Mom saying that they really didn't make that much money, which I suspect was because they didn't price their items accordingly and probably didn't keep track of what they spent and what they earned. Not too long after that they stopped creating.

So, the next few weeks I will be discussing on how you can host your own craft show and how to plan for it!


  1. Very neat idea! Looking forward to your posts about this :)

  2. that is a great setup! I'll also look forward to your posts on craft shows. In town, there's a weekly one where you pay on commission 15% of your total take of the show, so if it's a bust, you don't pay anything (or much). That can be a lot more affordable.