May 30, 2011

Healthy Monday: Support

Losing weight and eating healthier is easier and seems a lot more possible when you have support either from a friend or another source.

When I lost twenty pounds (and actually kept it off up until I was pregnant) I had been subscribed to Fitness magazine. Reading stories of others who struggled and won the battle against obesity, diabetes and just a poor body image really inspired me to continue with my own battle. The articles also gave small hints and tips for weight loss. The magazine wasn't just about physical fitness but mental fitness and becoming proud of your body, weather you have tires or not. After all, how can take care of something you hate? On days where I'm feeling upbeat about myself and my body I'm much more likely to take care of myself.

If you don't want to subscribe to a magazine you can go to your public library to see if they have magazines and other resources. You can also go online for tips. MSN's health and fitness section was another that kept me going strong. has a wonderful section on health and fitness and another section on body image. There's so many great resources out there, but be careful what you choose to read, some places give bad advice and are geared towards pushing for get-fit-quick tips that don't truly work.


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