June 16, 2011

Au Naturale...

This Summer, I will be transitioning into going "natural." No, I don't mean naked and I don't mean zero makeup either (Although, I really don't wear makeup that often but I will still wear it on occasion this Summer as usual). What I mean is, I'm going to transition into natural, handmade makeup from Etsy. Monday, I purchased All Natural Mineral Liquid Eyeliner from Nature Girlz in. It was only $7 with shipping and handling, which is about what I pay for big brand liquid eyeliner at Target. Since my current eyeliner is running low and probably has already expired, I thought the liquid liner was a good place to start. Next stop, mascara, or perhaps a nude lipstick?

Has anyone here bought makeup from Etsy? Who did you buy it from and what did you think?

And I'll be sure to let you guys know what I thought of my new liner.


  1. Oh yeah! I've purchased TONS of make up from Etsy shops! A lot of the shops will offer samplers for things like eyeshadows for a lesser price and you still get enough product to last you for awhile.
    The shops I've purchased from are -

    -Brazen Cosmetics (http://www.etsy.com/shop/BrazenCosmetics?ref=ss_profile) - her lipglosses are so vibrant! Two thumbs up to all products!
    -RockABettyBeauty (http://www.etsy.com/shop/RockABettyBeauty?ref=ss_profile)
    -SweetPea & Fay - http://www.etsy.com/shop/SweetPeaAndFay?ref=ss_profile (great "collections" and some of my fave eyeshadows)

    I've purchased from other shops but these three are the stand out shops!

    Good luck and happy shopping!

  2. i've never bought makeup on etsy but i'm dying to try some shops i've favorited! i'm definitely curious to know how the liner is.

  3. thanks Jenna, I'll definitely have to take a look at those