June 15, 2011

Demoss Designs

Tell us your name, the name of your shop and what it is that you do here on Etsy.
Hi! I am Sarah DeMoss and I am the owner of DeMoss Designs. I started off making quilts and purses and this has snowballed into a shop full of custom made baby items.

What is your family life like? (i.e. how many children, their ages, names, are you a single mom? Are they supportive of what they do and so forth?)
I have a fantastic and very supportive husband and three crazy baby girls ages 6 (almost), 3.5, and 2.

Do you have another job outside of Etsy and outside of the home?
I work part time in the evenings as a social worker in a child protection agency. I have been working there for 12 years and I am SO lucky to have a part time position not that I have kids.

How do you balance home life, Etsy and work?
Our life is super busy. I spend my days taking care of the kids and working on Etsy stuff. My nights are for working outside the home. There is a lot of cleaning that does not get done but some how we do all right!

What made you decide to sell on Etsy?
I fell in love with Etsy the first time I saw it. Soon after I made a quilt for my living room that was super cute but for some reason didn't "go" as well after the fabric pieces were all put together. I decided to list it on Etsy and see what happened. Well it only took about 5 minutes for me to become obsessed with the items views so I quickly made some more stuff to sell too.

Do you feel pretty successful in your Etsy shop or is there room to grow? If you feel successful is there a secret you'd like to share with us?
I do feel successful because I have a very small goal. Prior to selling on Etsy, not many people had seen my work. My goal was for one person, one stranger, to purchase something that I made. This would make me feel justified that I was capable of making something that someone who did not even know me would want to have. I met that goal over a year ago and I am still here. I would love to grow my business but I am not looking for this to be a full time job. I get the biggest thrill just getting feedback from my great customers.

What do you feel makes your shop special and unique?
My quilts are a true expression of me. They are the artistic side of me. My fabric choices, and ability to personalize my items help me to stand out from the crowd.

As Mom's, things get chaotic and find it hard to stay focused, how do you stay focused and motivated?
Focused...who's focused! I don't really need to be motivated to sell on Etsy. I make what I love and I would likely be doing it even if I were not on Etsy. I honestly find it hard to stay focused on life outside of Etsy. Sometimes I have to put my shop on vacation mode just to breathe and re-focus on myself for a while.

Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?
My all time favorite orders are custom ones. I LOVE it when someone says "I am looking for a gift or quilt with these colors or this theme.'" Working with my clients to create something that is inspired by their ideas is fantastic.

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