June 14, 2011


So it's Tuesday which means it's time to reveal some new stuff to you! AAaand I got nothin'. That doesn't mean I didn't come up with anything new, I just haven't photographed anything or edited it because my laptop has been at a friends for repair and based on what he told me my poor baby may not last much longer because of the hard drive. It is a rather old laptop. I believe I've had it 4-6 years and considering I've nearly ran it into the ground, it served me well. Hopefully when it comes time to get a new one I'll be able to afford one.

But enough of that. I did design some new cards and the templates are waiting patiently for their portraits to be taken. One is a new take on a popular one and there's a new monogrammed card that is available in two colors, perfect for wedding stationery. I should be able to show most, if not all, of my new items next Tuesday.

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