June 23, 2011

Natural Eyeliner Report

So, remember last Thursday when I talked about purchasing natural makeup from Etsy and had bought this eyeliner for myself? Well, I finally got it in the mail and gave it a try Sunday. I really liked how black it was and how easily it went on and I like how the tube is clear so that I know just how much is in there. However, it did it have it's downfalls. The first day I tried it I gave myself a lovely cateye. In the description, it said to allow it to dry for two minutes before applying more; but, it wasn't drying. At all. I even tried a blow dryer on cool, low, on my eye lids to try and get them to dry faster. Nothing. I went ahead and wore it through out the day just to see if it would EVER dry. And it didn't it. It was still tacky and would occasionally leave little black marks on my eyelids that I had to keep fixing. The next day, I decided to give it another try, this time though, I did a thinner line and never added another coat and I wore it all day. It still never dried! Finally, that night, I contacted the seller and told her what was happening. I told her that I liked the liner enough to give it another shot and if she had any tips on how I might fix my problem and if it didn't work then I could exchange the item. I did as she said, I wore a powder eyeshadow to keep it in place and I started off with an even thinner line, I didn't even add another coat and wore it through out the day. It still wasn't drying. Too bad, too. I really liked how it went on. So, the seller is sending me her pumpkin cheesecake (my favorite dessert!) lip balm to replace my liner, and best part is, I don't have to send the liner back!

Even though the liner wasn't all that I thought it would be, the seller gave great service. She answered my convos promptly and allowed me to exchange the liner without actually having to return it. I may not buy the liner ever again, but the service was so good I would be happy to try her other products. That mascara looks really nice... hmmm...


  1. Hi there!
    I found you on the Etsy blog team!
    This is a really nice review. I have never tried makeup on Etsy, I didn't really know there was much makeup on Etsy actually! But that shop does look cool, thanks for the info!

  2. That is great customer service! The fact that you would still buy from her is the reaction we would all hope for in that kind of situation.

  3. It's too bad the liner didn't work out, but the seller did a good job taking care of you!

  4. I don't know if I would be brave enought to order eyeliner from someone like you did!

  5. Sounds like a good seller, even though the eyeliner disappointed :) I love that you gave an honest review about your experience.