January 31, 2011

And Now... A Word from our Sponsor ....

aint i coot?
Helo, im the reel littl miss! Not my mommy; but dont wory il sue her for al shes got wen im older. I hav utter names, skweekers, baby burrido, daddy calls me Tessa Sue, and gramma cals me her chunky monky. I spose it was either Little Miss Cards or Baby Burrido Cards.

But nuff chit chat, im heer to remind yu  that my mommy is looking for that spesial sumone, and i dont meen a new daddy for me. I meen, shes looking for a seler to intervew for her blog.

Emal my mommy at littlemisscards@hotmail.com if you ar  a seler frum etsy and hav a blog. B sur to inclood your etsy shop and blog and why you tink you shood b chozen.

Im sory if my speling iz not so good, but wat do you espect? Im only tree munts old!

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